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Visual History of Nations Series

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Visual History of Nations Series

FINE ART PRINTS. 1945-1949. Complete set of all nine first edition Visual History lithographs, plus the Visual History of Flight.

Price: $300

FIRST EDITIONS of Szyk's majestic illuminations of member countries of the United Nations.

Szyk completed Visual Histories of nine of the 59 member nations of the United Nations before his death in 1951.

This complete set contains: Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, United States of America, and the former USSR.

The Visual History of Flight is included with the set as a free gift to you.

Visual History of Nations series, plus Visual History of Flight (total of 10 prints). First edition lithographs. 1945-1949. Publisher: K. Bileski; Printer: Herman Jaffe. Image size varies. Sheets measure: 11½ inches x 9⅞ inches. Fine condition.

< p>Note: The left margin of this lithograph is wider than the right. All lithographs in the Visual History of Nations series were printed in this fashion, as they were commissioned as frontispieces for bound stamp albums. A wider margin on the edge closest to the binding allows both margins to appear equal when matted.

Publishing History: Arthur Szyk's Visual History of Nations series consists of highly illuminated and brilliantly designed visual histories of individual founding and member countries of the United Nations. This series of images was commissioned in 1945 by Canadian philatelist and entrepreneur Kasimir Bileski and originally referred to as The United Nations Series. Each print was created as an exquisite frontispiece and title page for a unique international stamp album. All images reflect the artistic genius of the 20th century's greatest miniaturist illuminator and painter.

Of the approximately 60 colorful and highly detailed images commissioned by Bileski, only nine countries were completed (plus the History of Flight) and printed prior to Szyk's sudden death in 1951.