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Don't You Think I am Busy Enough?…

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Don't You Think I am Busy Enough?…

ORIGINAL ART. New York, 1943. A Soviet soldier drags a personification of defeated Nazi Germany while a newsman encourages him to take on Japan as well.

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Early in 1943, after the Axis Powers' unsuccessful 17-month siege of Leningrad, Russia, the USSR finally managed to kick Hitler to the dirt. In this illustration, a Soviet soldier drags the gigantic, helmeted skull of a bullet-riddled German across Russia. Buzzards circle overhead. An overeager newsman rushes to greet him with the head of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Minister of the Japanese Navy and architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Yamamoto was killed in April of 1943 and his death presaged a staggering drop in morale for the Japanese military. The newsman is looking for a scoop, but the Russian has his hands full.

”Don't you think I'm busy enough?…” New York: 1943. Original pen and pencil drawing. Image measures approximately 8 inches x 6 inches. SIGNED and dated “Arthur Szyk N.Y. 43.”

Publishing History: PM Newspaper, October 15, 1943. Ink & Blood, a Book of Drawings . Plate LXIV. New York: Heritage Press, 1946.