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Ink & Blood, A Book of Drawings (Signed)

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Ink & Blood, A Book of Drawings (Signed)

BOOKS. New York, 1946. Collected wartime caricatures by America's outstanding anti-Nazi artist of World War II.

Price: $2,000

LIMITED EDITION, SIGNED by Arthur Szyk. The leading political caricaturist of World War Two, Szyk was a hater of hate, a fact that becomes abundantly clear in this stunning fine art book. Ink & Blood is his personal response to German militarism and 19th century Chancellor Bismarck's emphasis on Blut und Eisen, that is, “Blood & Iron”.

Frontispiece shows tipped-in self-portrait of Szyk at his desk, creating Nazi caricatures and trashing some in a garbage can. Most of the cartoons featured in book were drawn during the war with the hope that they ultimately would be published in a single volume, giving voice and expression to the ugly face of war. While the caricatures lampooning the Nazis of Germany as well as the Japanese were published in newspapers and magazines throughout WWII, they did not appear in book format until 1946, the year that Ink & Blood was dedicated as a “Peace Book”, not a “War Book.”

The images remind us of the hideousness and horror of war, and the inner face of tyranny; of injustice and intolerance; and how difficult it is to make Peace rather than War.

Ink & Blood, A Book of Drawings by Arthur Szyk, with a Prefatory Text by Struthers Burt. New York: Heritage Press, 1946. SIGNED by Arthur Szyk. 74 color and black and white plates. Full black leather. New slipcase. Very Good Condition.