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Hayyim Horowitz. Hibat Yerushalayim  [Love of Jerusalem].

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Hayyim Horowitz. Hibat Yerushalayim [Love of Jerusalem].

FINE BOOKS. Jerusalem, 1844. First Hebrew book about Jerusalem published in Jerusalem and first travelogue of the Holy Land published in Jerusalem.

Price: $4,800

This book was “written specifically for the edification of the Jews in the Diaspora”, so that they might begin to know what the Holy Land was like and how it was situated in relation to the Bible. A proper travel guide, it includes complete descriptions of Israel and Jerusalem, the holy cities, villages and important gravesites. Careful consideration is given to the physical geography of each region, so that natural elements such as hills and caves, and their place in history, are also included. The commentary is presented from a spiritual, religious viewpoint that emphasizes the sacred significance of each location.

Sections include:

I. Cities and Holy Places along the Mediterranean coast

II. Tsfat and the Upper Galilee

III. Tiberias, Jordan River, the Kinneret

IV. Graves of Simeon bar Yochai and Hillel the Elder

V. Shechem, Grave of Joseph

VI. Jerusalem, Mt. Zion, The City Walls and Gates, The Mount of Olives, Graves of the Kings of Judah

VII. The Temple Mount, Western Wall

VIII. Rachel’s Tomb, Hebron, Machpelah and surrounding villages

IX. Trans Jordan, Syria, Babylonia, Mt. Sinai and Egypt, Holy Places and Famous sites

X. Essay on the Salvation of Israel.

This book represents the first attempt by the residents of Jerusalem to convey to diaspora Jewry the significance of Jerusalem and its holy places and to link the global Jewish community spiritually and physically to the Land of Israel. A highly important historic work.

Shoshana Halevi, Hebrew Books Published in Jerusalem, 22.

[HOROWITZ, Hayyim] Hibat Yerushalayim.[Love of Jerusalem] Jerusalem: [Published under the regime of the Sultan Abdul Maagid] Press belonging to Moshe and Yehudit, 5604 [1844]. [2 leaves], 60 numbered leaves. Text in Hebrew. Title page illustrated with a wood cut of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. Original marbled boards, leather spine, some wear to covers. Very Good Condition overall.