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Flavius Josephus. The Works of Josephus.

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Flavius Josephus. The Works of Josephus.

FINE BOOKS. First American printing of the landmark work of Jewish history and Jewish-Hellenic literature.

Price: $8,500

FIRST AMERICAN PRINTING of Josephus’ Complete Works. The four volumes include:

I. The Life of Josephus, written by himself.

II. The Antiquities of the Jews, in twenty books.

III. His Book against Apion in Defence of the said Antiquities of the Jews.

IV. Their Wars with the Romans.

V. The Martyrdom of the Maccabees.

VI. Philo’s Embassy from the Jews of Alexandria to Caius Caligula.

Flavius Josephus (c. 38—after 100 C.E.), Jewish historian and one of the chief representatives of Jewish-Hellenistic literature, was born and raised in Jerusalem. After being captured by the Romans following The Jewish War, he used his wits and literary talents to save himself from execution, eventually becoming a naturalized Roman citizen and earning the undying enmity of his fellow Jews. The standards of written history during the lifetime of Josephus, owed as much to contemporary literature as to factual reporting, however the world is a richer place for his contributions. Without this only surviving source of information, we would know very little of the history of the Second Temple.

Rosenbach 55, 64, 66, 67.

JOSEPHUS, Flavius. The Works of Flavius Josephus. Translated into English by Sir Roger L’Estrange. In four volumes. Vol. I. Philadelphia: W. and T. Bradford for John McGibbons, 1773. Vol. II, America: Printed for the Subscribers, 1774. Vol. III, New York: Printed by Hodge and Shober for John McGibbons, 1775. Vol. IV, New York: Printed by Schober and Loudon for John McGibbons and Robert Hodge, 1775. Contemporary calf, Vol. II rebacked, Vol. IV new spine label, all hinges expertly conserved. A Very Good set overall.