Established in 1987 by art dealer and antiquarian bookseller Irvin Ungar, Historicana specializes in the artwork of Arthur Szyk. We also buy and sell rare books, manuscripts, and works of art with an emphasis on historic Judaica.

Oslo Peace Accords (Signed). Washington DC, 1993.

Hayyim Horowitz. Hibat Yerushalayim [Love of Jerusalem]. Jerusalem, 1844.

Private individuals, museums, and special collections libraries around the world have trusted Historicana to develop their collections for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on placing high-quality, historically and aesthetically significant works with our clients. Highlights have included:

  • The original paintings for Arthur Szyk’s Haggadah
  • An Anne Frank autograph inscription
  • A document signed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
    recording the confiscation of Jewish property during the
    Expulsion from Spain in 1492
  • An 18th century illuminated Haggadah manuscript
    by Aron Wolf Herlingen

Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Warum Krieg? [Why War?] Paris, 1933.

Camp David Accords, First Day Cover Envelope, Signed by Presidents Carter, Sadat, and Begin. Washington DC, 1979.

Our expertise on Judaica—especially American Judaica—is internationally recognized. Nearly every important American Hebrew book has passed through our hands, including:

  • The first Hebrew-language Bible printed in America
  • The first Haggadah printed in America
  • The first grammar of Judah Monis
  • The first translations of the Hebrew Bible into English by Isaac Leeser

We have also dealt in books and autograph letters signed by:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Theodor Herzl
  • David Ben-Gurion
  • Rebecca Gratz
  • Judah Touro
  • Mordecai Manuel Noah
  • Haym M. Salomon

We invite you to explore Shop Historicana for Historicana’s latest offerings in historic Judaica, and Shop Szyk for works by the 20th century illuminator Arthur Szyk. To inquire after our latest offerings or to discuss your next acquisition, please contact us at 650.343.9578.

We look forward to helping you clarify and carry out your strategy, whether you are building a personal collection or a legacy for the next generation, or simply shopping for the perfect gift.


Historicana is a member in good standing of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA) and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB).