Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of some common questions that previous clients have asked about Arthur Szyk, The Szyk Haggadah, and Historicana:

Arthur Szyk

I own a Szyk work in good condition. What can you tell me about it? Is it valuable?

In addition to original works of art, there are many Szyk illustrated books, fine art prints, posters, stamps, and ephemera. Please review Shop Szyk to find similar works for comparison. If your work is not listed, and is not specifically addressed in the FAQ, you may contact us, providing as much as of the following information as possible: title, date, medium, dimensions, and provenance. You might consider taking digital photographs of the work beforehand, in case they are required for clarification.

Where can I find Andersen’s Fairy Tales illustrated by Arthur Szyk? Is my copy valuable?

Szyk’s Andersen’s Fairy Tales, published by Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group, is the most republished of all illustrated Andersen’s Fairy Tales. It is available inexpensively on the Web. With the exception of the first edition with original dustjacket (unmarked and in fine condition), all printings since 1945 have sentimental value only.

If you are interested in original artwork from Andersen’s Fairy Tales, please note that several originals are available for purchase. Search for “Original Art” in Shop Szyk for the latest selection.

I own a Szyk print of a family celebrating a Jewish holiday. Is it valuable?

Arthur Szyk‘s Holiday Series lithographs—Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Purim, and Pesach—were mass produced by Arthur Rothmann Fine Arts (New York) in 1948. The prints are plate signed by Arthur Szyk (meaning that his signature is reproduced within the lithograph, not signed by hand). If in fine condition each print sells for less than $100, though most buyers are seeking a complete set of all six lithographs.

Select individual prints from the Holiday Series are available for purchase. Please inquire.

Where can I buy catalogues of past Arthur Szyk exhibitions?

Catalogues of past exhibitions may be purchased at museum gift shops or directly from their respective publishers. See the website of The Arthur Szyk Society for a list of past exhibition venues. Also, several historic catalogues from exhibitions prior to 1975 are available on Just browse Ephemera on Shop Szyk for the latest selection.

Where can I find more information about Arthur Szyk?

We suggest you read Arthur Szyk's informative Wikipedia page and then visit the website of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life. For books about Arthur Szyk's life that you may wish to purchase, contact

The Szyk Haggadah

I have an edition of The Szyk Haggadah. Is it valuable?

If in fine condition, the 1940 vellum edition of The Szyk Haggadah signed by Cecil Roth and Arthur Szyk can command tens of thousands of dollars. The early, blue velvet-covered trade editions (1956, 1957, and 1960) may be worth a few hundred dollars if the book and its original cloth and leather box are in fine condition, with no personal inscriptions. And, of course, the new edition of The Szyk Haggadah is available for $8,800 (Deluxe edition) and $18,000 (Premier edition). All other editions—including metal-covered editions of The Szyk Haggadahs from the 1960s onward—have sentimental value only.

Where can I find an affordable copy of The Szyk Haggadah?

In cooperation with Historicana, Abrams Books recently published an edition of Szyk's Passover Haggadah based on the luxury edition of The Szyk Haggadah (Historicana, 2008). The Abrams' edition is available in hardcover and paperback at their website, at Amazon, and at bookstores everywhere.

What’s the difference between the 1940 edition and the 2008 edition of The Szyk Haggadah?

There are numerous differences between the 1940 edition and 2008 edition. For instance, the 1940 edition was printed by letterpress and halftone process on vellum, while the 2008 edition was printed by ink-jet on custom paper and most closely captures the brilliance and detail of the original artwork. Also, the 1940 version of The Szyk Haggadah included a translation and commentary by Cecil Roth, while the 2008 version of The Szyk Haggadah has an all-new translation and commentary by Byron L. Sherwin. Please see The Szyk Haggadah section of our website for more information on the outstanding features of the 2008 edition.

My edition of The Szyk Haggadah appears to have been printed in 1939. Is it valuable?

You most likely have opened your copy of The Szyk Haggadah to a reproduction of Arthur Szyk’s illuminated French Dedication page, which includes the date 1939, the year The Szyk Haggadah was originally expected to be published. This detail is misleading; the earliest printing of The Szyk Haggadah was in 1940.


Do you buy books?

Yes. We prefer books in “near fine” condition that are illustrated by Arthur Szyk. Additionally, we purchase books, manuscripts, autograph letters, photographs, and related material within the field of historic Judaica. Contact us for details.

Do you buy art?

Yes. We actively buy original art by Arthur Szyk. We also buy artwork in the field of historic Judaica. Contact us for details.

Do you do appraisals?

Generally, no; however, we are pleased to make referrals. Contact us for details.